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I originally replaced my 170k gearbox and clutch after hearing what sounded like clutch bearing failing. The gearbox wasn't bolted to the engine (missing top 2 main bolts - I'm not joking) so it buckled and began to chew the gearbox shaft - the clutch bearing was actually fine - it was just spinning around on a cut up shaft.

Anyway I replaced gearbox with another with 70k on it (shaft looked fine as expected) and fit the new clutch (didn't machine flywheel because needed special tool to remove which I didn't know of, but I checked flat with steel ruler and clutch has never slipped since install and I've hurt it off the line and engine braking at times to test that) but now it's making a noise almost ticking or tapping again, like the bearing is slowly already failing, as in it goes away when I press the clutch Pedal. It's faint atm but I think getting more pronounced.

Should I wait until it becomes really evident and irritating like last time to make sure it's just not my ears' attention to detail? Bad install? Normal? Does your Getz engine bay sound quieter when you press the clutch?

Also my clutch releases right at the top of the pedal before my foot comes off and I can't seem to adjust it any lower - fix for that? Clutch has been bled over and over and no leaks from slave cylinder or anything. Pedal was adjusted to good height but there was no longer enough travel to even engage the clutch and change gears.

Thanks a lot for any answers, I will take all suggestions seriously

Extra: just ordered an engine compression tester, what PSI should my 180k pistons be? I kind of want to fit a turbo eventually as I've heard G4ED are good to 150hp stock (which is 100hp), I wouldn't go over 140hp. Pipe dream at the moment but genuinely curious about doing it. Other issues to address right now though
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