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That's what I figured... My gf is really strict with oil change. She's pretty good at doing oil changes at the km's listed on the sticker after an oil change. If anything... she might be 300 km's over what is listed as the next oil changed needed. It's not like she's driving the vehicle with 7,000-8,000 km's on the car without an oil change performed. Problem is... she did the oil change at Mr. Lube for 2 years... now she has to go tomorrow and print out the records. Big pain in the butt lol.
I had to provide all records too, since 2011 when I bought my 2012 Elantra... luckily I always keep all records in a file for all years I own my cars and give them to tile next owner when I sell them.

They know there is a problem with their engine, and very well, actually there is a recall number for the short block but they keep all quite and replace them only when people complain!! As we talk of thousands of cars in Canada only, and as a company they want to reduce the most the cost of all this and of course avoid a bad reputation, they will try everything to reduce the number of replacements...

If you are in Canada, the recall number is 40CA18. I asked my dealer when I picked up my car after replacement.
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