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Hi Guys,

I drive a 2003 Santa Fe manual 2.4L $ cyl.

I took it to the dealership to have the timing belt done and also complained about hesitation when i step on the pedal. As there was my CEL on, they diagnosed it as a Catalytic converter damage (plugged). Having 180k on it, i guess thats fair enough so i had it replaced too (expensive piece of S#!t).

When i got out of the dealer, i thought all is well however in the middle of my drive, say about after 20 minutes, whenever i step on the pedal, i hear a rattling sound and I am 100% sure it is the engine coz when im on a stop, it doesnt sound but when i go, i hear ot every time i step on the gas.

Question to you guys is what do you think this is? Its a rattling sound like a knocking "clak-clak-clak" sound.

Help! Anybody with the same experience??

Thank you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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