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Hi, I have a 2008 Tucson 2.0 CRTD GSI Manual Transmission with 69,000 on the clock. It is serviced regularly.

When it is turned on it always starts first turn of the key but the A/C comes on immediately if the fan is not at 0.

When started and stationary on the driveway the vehicle revs beautifully whether the A/C is on or not.

And with the A/C on if I put it into any gear it drives away fine.

However, if the A/C is turned off the action of putting the car into any gear makes the engine run so rough it will not pull away properly and certainly will not run normally as it starts to produce lots of light colored smoke. It produces this smoke even when stationary and having not moved so long as the A/C is off and a gear is selected by holding the clutch down.

The car has been tested with an OBD2 scanner and shows no codes even after the rough running with the A/C turned off.

I would welcome any help in solving this problem as it is a lovely vehicle and drives really well. It just forces the use of the A/C and the extra fuel.

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