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Dear Fellow Hyundai Technies'

I have a situation with my 2007 Santafe CRDi 2.2.
A few weeks back, the card dies on me while driving a gravel road. I could not get the car started, eventually had it towed home.

The next day, I did some fault finding and found that the LowPressure (LP) fuel pump had a short circuit.
I then purchased an aftermarket new pump, replaced the pump (not the whole fuel pump / gauge housing - just the pump ), and also the diesel filter was replaced. This solved the problem, the car started immediately after the air introduced by replacing the filter was replaced by the diesel.

So, for a few days there were no issues, until the car started stalling on downhills when coming to a stop. Then it got worse, stalling when stopping normally.
After some much to and fro, it turned out that this problem only occurs when the remaining fuel level indicated by the car is approximately at a quarter tank.

As soon as I topped up the diesel, the stalling problem seems to go away.

What can it be? Any ideas?
Below is a few things I have double checked:
  • 1) Checked that the pump housing rubber is sealing properly and no air leaks are there.
  • 2) Checked that I have the piping correct (I have elaborated more n this below)
I have rechecked that the piping was fitted back correctly ( I hope).

I think the color coding (chosen by Hyundai) of the connectors of the pipes can be deceiving.
On the tank, when viewing the pipes standing on the left hand back door of the rear of the car, there are pipes with grey, black and "red" clips. the Grey one is on the left , the red on the right and the black . The red should be the feed from the pump to the filter, the grey the return. the black is the suction from the other side if the tank.

In the engine bay, for some reason, either the previous owner or Hyundai has put the red clip on the return line and the grey clip on the feed line from the filter.
Either way, colors aside, you would need to really bend (almost breaking the pipes) to put them wrong, but technically it is possible. But I have checked, they should be correct.

Please can someone give me some advice.

Much appreciated

Kind Regards,
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