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Hey everyone, first time poster here.

I own a Hyundai Getz 08 2-Door Hatchback, recently I have started getting really weird issues.

Turning the engine over takes several tries.
Radio randomly changes stations and volume or would display " ICDE ".
Pressing the keys 1 and 2 on the deck made it change to random numbers and letters until key 5 is pressed then it would turn off, otherwise pressing the power button on the deck would not have any effect.
Clock has changed from the pre-set time.
Navman that is using the cigarette lighter plug will not charge the device or will let the device turn run with no change unless the car is running.
On more than one occasion trying to turn the engine over it tried to keep turning over when the key was let go of.
The battery from what the charger displays is that the battery is not holding a change.
The battery terminals are covered in a dirty grimy substance.

I have been told that it may be the alternator leads or one of the fuses but I would of thought that to ask someone with more of an idea.

Thank you in advance.
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