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As most of you know, the $10 "brand new" sensors you buy on ebay to replace a Hyundai OEM sensor might work for a month or not at all. It might be a good idea to have some of these on hand because I remember the issues I had with the transmission speed sensors due to buying the brand new cheap ones and the check engine light came on less than a month later, so the trouble of having to wait for the OEM to arrive and install was just wasting time. I am selling everything for pretty cheap because I don't need the parts anymore and it would be cool if there's someone out there who loves that car so much that they'd want to buy the whole lot of stuff I have since a lot of these parts are for regular maintenance.

Here's a list of the parts I have:

1 Ignition wire set - NGK RC-XX90 $25 (Used for less than a few hundred miles)
1 Air Filter - Mann MA 1065 $7 (New in box)
1 Charcoal Cabin Air Filter - ATP RA57 $10 (New in box)
2 H7 Low Beam Headlight Bulbs - Sylvania and GE $6 each (New in box)
1 PCV Valve - Purolator PV1022 $5 (New in box)
1 Thermostat - Hyundai 25500 23010 $10 (New in box)
1 Ignition Coil - Aftermarket, not sure which brand, might be Intermotor $15 (Used for less than a few months)
3 Oil Filters - Mahle OC 330 $3 each (New in box)
1 Quart Automatic Transmission Fluid - Hyundai SP-III $4 (Brand new unopened, also have an opened quart with 1/2 leftover for $2)
2 Fuel Injectors - Hyundai 35310 23600 $5 each (Used in working condition, cleaned and tested)
1 Transmission Speed Input Sensor - Hyundai 42620 39051 (Used in working condition)
1 Transmission Speed Output Sensor - Hyundai 42621 39052 (Used in working condition)
1 Camshaft Position Sensor - Hyundai 39350 23910 $5 (Used in working condition)
1 Crankshaft Position Sensor - Hyundai 39180 23910 $15 (The updated part number, new and never installed)
2 Crankshaft Position Sensors - Hyundai 39180 23500 $5 each (If you never changed this sensor before, this is the part number that will be there. Everyone of these that I've ever removed had a crack on the front)
10+ Oil Drain Plug Gaskets - Hyundai original part from dealer $2 for all of them
1 Front Catalytic Converter to Exhaust Pipe Gasket - Reinz $3 (New in packaging)
2 Windshield Wiper Blades - Bosch 20" and 18" $10 for both (New in packaging)

Let me know if you have any questions.
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