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So here is the story.

I had 2009 Elantra for a couple of years. Great car. But I was not so very happy with headlights. Therefore, I decided to do a retrofit.
That means I got a set of Morimoto FX-R projectors, bi-xenon, meaning low and high beam. Those are D2S HID with 35 W ballasts. I do not remember what shrouds I used, though.
On the top of that there is a 80 mm LED ring. Although it is yellow, it lights up white. It has two stages that are controlled by parking lights - the high intensity (as DRL) turns on with the engine and it switches to the low state when parking lights are turned on.

Then, another modification, the high beam is dual. What it means - when all the lights are off and you pull the high beam - the old halogen will light up only. But when the lights are on, the HID will flash along with the halogen.
Believe me - it makes very bright road in any conditions.

The HIDs are 4300 K, Osram.
The rest it regular (halogen and turn signals).

It is basically plug and play system. Everything is hidden inside the headlight (relays, wires, and such). The OEM plug is intact and all power goes through it with exception of signal for DRL.
Last thing you need to figure out is a dust cover. The OEM did not work of course, the one I had developed cracks after a while. They were OK for about 2 years, but after another 2 more (when they were sitting in boxes) the rubber cracked here and there.

So what you need is to remove your headlights and put those in.
Connect the main connector and install the ballast somewhere in the car.

Pictures will be posted with more details, if you need.
For now - a few shots from outside and cutoff.

Price - I am not sure actually what I would like to ask for it. Please send me your offer.
For your information only - headlights themselves - easily $300, HID - Osram 66240 with ballasts, projectors, halos, shrouds, and glue - over $400.

So in total, including other, like wires, relays, resistors, plugs - I probably spent about $900-1000.
Of course I am not asking for this much, but just think before you offer me $50.

It is located in USA, ZIP 48840.
I can ship, but I do not have a shipping quote. I would anticipate about $30-50 depending on location. It would rather go with FedEx or UPS. I would not trust USPS, though.

Local pickup are welcome. Testing on site as well.


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