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Hi, I have had my 2016 Elantra GT for three months. About a week ago, I became aware of a rattle by my ear whenever I went over a bump. I have since determined it's coming from inside the seatbelt adjuster. I feel no actual vibration when I place my hand on the area, but if I move the adjuster up or down, the rattle moves with it. At first intermittent, it's now permanent and rattles whenever I go over a bump. The rattle occurs when the car is moved side-to-side rather than up-and-down; if I shake the car at the frame, I can hear the rattle.

I whacked the door frame in frustration the other day and the noise stopped for about 20 km.

I have had two previous Elantras (a 2007 sedan and a 2016 sedan) and never had any sort of rattle issue.

Has anyone else had this issue? I have not called the dealership yet, but since the fan blower motor also rattles and I have that to ask about, I don't want them to think I am crazy if this is something I could possibly fix myself. (I am not mechanical at all.)

Thank you.
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