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elantra 2016 SE OEM navigation install help.

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i have an elantra 16 SE and have the stock xm/fm player(no touch / no nav). I got a used oem nav unit(96560-3X115SA5). The player is exactly as below.

1. There is no sound to the speakers. No beep sound from touch screen too. The only sound is when i try to access the bluetooth menu. I am assuming this might be due to potential amp requirement.
Note: for the connection part, i have connected the two white connectors and the xm/fm antennas. The only connector missing the black one as shown in the player link above.

2. How to do i add backup camera to this unit.

Any help with identifying parts(harness, wires, amp etc) required to complete the setup is highly appreciated.
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I think you are correct. The brochure for my 2014 states the tech package (with Nav. head unit) comes with a separate 320 watt amplifier.

I would be very surprised it you wont need the amp as well any unique connectors to do what you are attempting. This would also include the wiring for the backup camera. Part of the wiring would also be the steering wheel controls for both the radio and hands free calling.

I just bought my 2014 (with only 18500 miles) so the Hyundai electrical system is a mystery still to me and service information is hard to find on line.

If you get it working, it would be a very cool upgrade. IMO, it sounds great. I opted for the tech-package when searching for this car because I didn't want to have to upgrade the stereo. The Nav is cool but expensive to keep updated (about $170 a year :surprise: ) but the MP3, USB features are all very well done and the unit is very responsive. It loads my 32GB flash drive in a few seconds and displays the album art and details as well. I have about 20GB of music on it. Its faster than any aftermarket head unit I have had in loading a USB drive. Satellite radio (XM) is also real straight forward. All the basis are covered with the head unit - except cassettes :wink:

Here's a pic of mine in case your interested in seeing what USB looks like:
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