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ONLY for the 1.6T AWD Kona.

Any interest in buying a set? I am trying to set up a dealer in the UK to import us the springs. I will be the first guinea pig and order the first set since I have installed many struts/springs myself for my Audi business. I want to have it that the buyer will use a Visa or some kind of payment to the UK speed shop that will be selling them to us and shipping them. So we don't get burned one a "big buy" of say 6 full sets. I do want to make it worth their effort on lining up sales for them so we ALL won't get a really bad inflated price for just a 'onesy" sale. It;s very very hard to bet Eibach quality, The springs will be their PRO-KIT that are 10% increase in spring rate but there will be a camber issue no matter who's springs we buy. That will have to fix on our own IF it is that bad. Think about it if you "are in" or not. USA Eibach said they have no interest in the Kona.
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