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Anyone know of a company doing tunes for our car?
Let's start with MY and drivetrain.
00000732 Best practices for requesting help:

* If you haven't done so fill in your vehicle info and profile page. Shows up to the left
* Be sure you are in the correct forum for your vehicle.
* Do a search for your problem. A lot of stuff has been asked and answered.
* Do not double post for the same problem.
* Give the model year....Engine size...transmission type (auto or standard)
* VIN number can be very helpful.
* Did you buy the vehicle new, if not, how many miles were on it when purchased? How many miles on it now?
* Describe the problem the best you can.
* Tell us what has been tried, if anything.
* If the vehicle has been to a repair facility it would be nice if you can scan or take picture of the bill and attach it to the post.
* If your vehicle is under warranty you should have the dealer check it out. If it's an issue they see many times they will generate a safety recall or do a TSB. This is how they know.

This information can save a lot of time and get you the answers you need much faster.

Welcome aboard.

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Anyone know of a company doing tunes for our car?
Seeing the RB Accent having same basic 1.6L GDI that stuck in Veloster,, you might look toward the Veloster side of the road..

1.6 GDI need all kind of help
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