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yeah, it is not a change in tuning or anything, almost like the old vacume guages that showed weather you were performing in the green or red.

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I notice with Econo Mode that acceleration is not as good as when it is turned off. Seems like it wants you to drive like a granny! :)
From the Sonata owners manual:

The ECO indicator light helps that you to
drive economically.
It is displayed if you drive fuel efficiently
to help you improve fuel efficiency.
• The ECO indicator (green) will turn on
when you are driving fuel efficiently in
the ECO ON mode.
If you don't want the indicator displayed,
you can turn the ECO ON
mode to OFF mode by pressing the
TRIP button.
As per ECO ON/OFF Mode operation,
refer to the previous page. (if equipped)
• The fuel-efficiency can be changed by
the driver's driving habits and road
• The ECO indicator does not funtion in
P (Park), and N (Neutral), R (Reverse).
• When the instant fuel consumption
mode is displayed on the LCD screen,
the ECO indicator turns off (if


So from what I read it is strictly a Off or On of the indicator and has no bearing on performance.


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Thanks for the info Chuck! Interesting... I'd say that sound pretty definitive however I'd swear I feel a slight difference throttle response, especially when I'm off throttle. When ECO mode is *ON*, and I lift of the gas, it almost feels like I'm dragging the parking brake and when I turn it *OFF* and I lift, the car feels as if it coasts a bit easier; and I'm usually pretty good when it comes to the "seat of the pants" ratings. I used to race cars and being able to sense minute changes was vitally important it car setup; so it's something a lot of racers become acutely aware of. I'd also swear that I get better fuel economy with the ECO mode on, then off. That said, it wouldn't be the first time I was wrong, and definitely not the last.

Quick update, I just took a short drive and paid close attention to what seems to happen when I turn ECO mode on and off. Besides how the car feels when I lift off the throttle, I also noticed that with ECO mode ON, the throttle feels a little heavier, i.e. I have to use a little more effort to depress the gas pedal. Is this perhaps an attempt to keep you from "stabbing" the throttle and hence, save a little extra gas? Some else please try this and tell me what you think.
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