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Here is a link for a bumper protection pack on ebay , I bought one from them for the Mrs's new style and they have relisted it twice, the last time no bids so you could have got it for £60 including postage at present there is two days to go and no bids as of yet, this set doesn't have the mats but comes with a rear centre trim instead, it is a west country landrover dealer who was part of a group that had a hyundai franchise, I am nothing to do with them but they were a pleasure to deal with and I think it is a bit of a bargain, I hope this is usefull for someone, I have spoken to them and they might have some other i10 bits, their number is in the ebay auction so if there is something you are after it might be worth giving them a ring, I dealt with a chap by the name of Craig.
Ebay protection pack
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