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Well, my wife and I officially had a little one about 6 weeks ago so I tell myself that is primarily the reason why I bought DVD headrest monitors. :D But it will be long before he will even have a front facing car seat. I honestly have always wanted to get these in my car. Sometimes we go on long trips to florida and it can get boring.

So this is a short write up on how to install this particular headrest monitor package (roughly 250 dollars to my doorstep). This is the TVIEW T102DVPL-GR (10.1 inch diagonal screen size). Because I have the grey intererior I bought the grey package. It also comes in black and beige.

*This particular package comes with 1) DVD player/monitor, 1)one dummy monitor on the other side, 1) pair of IR headphones (wireless), 1) Remote control, 1) pole accessories/adapters for different hole sizes, and all power and video/audio in and outs for the unit.*

In essence, for my package, you can play a DVD on one side and output the video signal to the other monitor. The monitor side does not have the capability to play anything on its own. The configuration can be a few if you also output the DVD signal from your double din head unit (the way I will be doing it).

The host (Dvd player) does have 2 inputs (1 video in and 1 AV combo [1/8 inch] in. Before I go on, I do want to point out that if you are interested in doing something like this, I would buy the package that comes with 2 dvd players. For the extre 50 dollars, it is well worth it. In fact that is my only minor regret so far. One of the main reasons is I didn't do enough searches online to find such a package...until I installed this and found them on ebay. :/
I will try to make this a write up as well as a review being this piece is really cheapy. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product.

Tools Needed:

The install for this is fairly simple and anyone can really do it since you don't have to mess with many wires and speaker hook ups etc...
1. 2 fuse taps (I bought a packet that had some fuses inside the packet - 5,7, 10, and 15A)
2. 12-14 gauge wire (about 10-15 feet should do). Wal mart has a small package of 20 ft for $6
3. Soldering tools or crimps or twist caps (depends on how you want to connect wires)
4. clothes hanger wire (to fish wire down in the seat)
5. Sockets / wrech set (I used the bolts that anchor the seats to the floor as ground points) - but I am sure you can find other points if you'd like - 14mm is the bolt that holds the seat.

Step 1 - A) OEM Headrest removal - B) Unhook leather flap under seat cushin (the only that hides wires and has two plastic clips)
The first thing you will do is take out your stock headrest. This is fairly easy, press the pins in and the same time lift the headrest and it should pop right out - Lean your seat back to almost flat position so you can take the entire headrest out easily.

The item came very well packaged. It comes with all the necessary equipment to fit various pole width as well as pole distance left to right.

For our NF sonatas (mine is an 06) I did not need to insert any of the adapters - The diameter of the poles are almost identical.

However, the distance is not the same. The monitor has adjustable poles, so all you have to do is stretch the poles right before you insert the tip inside the hole.

So, my biggest questions before I even got this thing were 1) Is the color going to match my leather?? And 2) since the Sonata has that weird dip on the top of the seat, will this one be too wide to where it won't lay flat and flush against the top part. I.e. will I see a funny looking hole in between them?

As I suspected for question numbner 1: NO, it's not an identical match.

These are designed for several applications so I kind of figured it won't be an exact match. The TVIEW is a slightly darker grey. Having said that, you almost have to really stare at them to notice the difference once they are installed.

As for the second question, to my pleasant surprised, the Tview fits perfectly snug inside the dip. In fact it doesn't have any room to wiggle and because the poles are stretchable, it is up to the installer to stretch it symmetrically instead of just pulling one side and shoving it down. You will be able to tell whether you did it correctly.

It does fit like a glove which I was very happy about.

Step 2 - Insert headrest into seat
That picture brings us to step 2. You simply insert the single male cord (clumped for power and video/audio in and outs) inside the seat holes and stretch the poles to fit the Sonata seat. Then simply slide it down.

Step 3 - Fish wire down
This is by far the trickiest part. It can be done several ways, but since I never really got the answer as to how to remove the back panel, the easiest way is to simply open a gap in the panel and flash a light and take the wire hanger (shape it into a hook) and pull wire that way.

You can do it on either side. This pic below is fishing it down towards the right hand side.

This method doesn't require you to take the panel out. Just be careful not to leave a lot of gaps. I have no clue how to remove the panel or else I would have. But this works so one less step. Use something small to block the opening (I used a flash light).

Step 4 - Connect Audio/Video wire clumps together

Now you connect the female power/audio video clumps with the male end that you just fished down to the floor. The other clumps contains a small fuse box (I opened it it's rated at 2.5A is markings said, the actual fuse had no visible marks on it so I am not sure).
I grounded the monitor to the bolt that holds the seat to the floor.

Step 5 - Run power wire
This step can be done several different ways. You obviously have to get power to these monitors. The way I did it is I spliced the 12V wire of the unit, and attached it to a fuse tap. I used a 5A fuse. I ran the power wires to the left hand side to the fuse box by the dirver's side door. You could probably daisy chain both units into one wire but since i Saw several open unused fuse locations for our car, I used independent wires, each occupying its own fuse location.

To hide the wires, I simply tucked them under the arm rest center console as hidden as possible and ran it across to the other side. It actually hides it well. You almost have really go undernearth the car to see wires.

Some people like forcefedge who did an entire carpet swap could have probably hidden all wires for audio/video project during that process...but let's face, not all of us are doing such projects. :)
Again, you can probably run it to the right hand side and power it with your stereo double din. Just keep in mind if you have an amp or running any RCA wires which side they are on. Since I ran two video RCA outs to the right hand side, I decided to run the power wires to the left side. If you run power with rca lines clumped together, you could get some unwanted annoying noise.

Step 6 - Attaching video / audio in and outs
This again, will depend on what kind of configuration you want. It will depend on your application. For me personally I ran two video outs from my double din unit (it had two independent video outs). Essentially this will allow me to pop in the DVD from up front and have the people in the back watch the same show as the front. Since I have dual zone - I can have my gps in the front while the back sees the DVD simultaneously.

Because I do not run the audio out, the entire cabins hears the audio. I don't mind this because on my double din, the gps will dim the audio when it announces turn by turn.

Since one of the headrest is a DVD player, it has an video and audio output as well. Hence, I ran an RCA out from the video out to the secondary video in on the monitor (dummy side). The monitor side has two video inputs (V1 and V2). You can select this on the main menu on the unit. Though it does not play anything, you can still chose to watch the other DVD's signal, or the DVD signal from the front.

The same identical steps are done for the driver's side of the headrest. I opted to put the DVD player on the driver's side since the slot is on the right hand side. If you place it on the passenger side, you won't have room to insert disk unless you flop the seat all the way down. The passenger up front might not enjoy that too much lol

The unit is adjustable; you can tilt it front or back, therefore you don't need to both the front passengers to lean their seat forward or backwards to get a good viewing angle. You simply tilt and it stays in that position.

The buttons on the front works like touchscreen, as soon as you place your fingers in front of it, it will activate it, you really don't even need to press it.

Again, no it's not an exact match to the grey leather, but close enough for me.

All in all, I am very pleased with the product. The screen size is pretty big. In fact it's the biggest that I have found online really. I think it fits our cars well and it seems OEM for the most part. The resolution is said to be 1024 by 600. There is no mention of an exact contrast ratio, but it does pretty well even in sunny day time. Obviously when the sun directly hits it, it's hard to view (as in most any other screens). So far I have been able to sit in the back during out 100+ sunny summer days here and I am very surprised how good it looks considering it was under 300 dollars. The 1024 by 600 really does help on bigger screen like these. The measurement of the screen I think is 16:9 or 16:10, just by looking at it. However, the native resolution is not that, and obviously since you don't have an HD in/out, you won't be viewing it in true 16 9 format. The DVD slot obviously accepts standard DVDs and not blu-rays.

The IR transmitter works..but...

It has two selectable channels (A and B). So my guess is the IR is placed right in the middle of the buttons of the unit. As soon as I lean towards the other side though, the sound cuts off. Obviously if you will watch a movie, you will be sitting straight watching the screen. But just be warned, you can't sleep on one end and watch the other monitor. Signal will be lost.

Because i bought the one with only one dvd player, the other side is limited to what they can hear. If I play a DVD from the double din up front, the dummy side can hear it in the cabin. But I have to find some sort of method to blast the IR signal cause right now, the dummy side (since it doesn't have a transmitter on the unit), the signal of the driver's signal does not reach on the other seat. This is why I say, get the unit that has the two hosts.

I have plans on wet sanding the TVIEW markings. It's just a small painted marking. If anyone have tips on how I can do this, let me know plese. I don't want to scratch the grey paint though. :/ I want it to look clean with no markings.

This item looks similar to other products but just look at the specs. Some have the IR transmitters, some don't. Some have the game option, mine does not. Since it does have a AV in on the front, hook up a game console would be very easy to do. I am just not a gamer myself.

I still have some adjustments and tweaking to do. I plan on adding a small carputer like item in the center console and have some sort of small touch screen display that will output to all the screens in the back. The idea is to store all the movies in that carputer and control it through that touch screen small panel.

I am a dj and have a gigantic library of Mp4's since i do video mixing. To my disappointment, it doesn't support the mp4 codecs on my library. Understandable though since the ones in my library have pretty high resolution and have been compressed to **** for performance. I tested several other formats though, mpeg1, 2, wmv, avi, dvd+ - rw etc..all works.
So far, I am pleased with the product. I will have more pictures of the actual screen. My camera doesn't do very in low light and i obviously can't flash the screen. But I will upload more pics of it in action on this thread.

Will take better pics when my car is clean too :D Just got done with the install this week, so i was anxious to take pics.

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Very nice write up! I'm surprised it didn't get any attention until now, being a post from almost a year ago.

The 10.1" screen size is awesome.

I haven't seen many headrest screens these days, now that many have tablets.

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I honestly havent used these that much being that I drive the car. but they're still holding up well. I found same model but withoutthe writings on it....i may buy them lol

The downside of this is that this package was one dvd one monitor and not two dvds...

So I may swap.

Thanks for the props.

Ipad or table DIY would be nice if you find a way to make it 'removable'

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Looks like my OCD kicked in. I have these headrests for about a year now and one thing that always bothered me was the bran name/model number on the facade...looked kind of tacky.

So I took one of the players out and went to Lowes, got them to color match a small sample of paint as best as the machine would allow.

I thought about sanding it but then I just dabbed some to cover the letters and it came out way better than I expected. Once dried, you can hardly tell.

All in all, I am very pleased with out it came out; almost completely unnoticeable unless you of course get about an inch from the plastic and stare at it.

Cost of project: $13

These things have held up pretty well. Wished they were 1000 pixels but the 800 by 640 is actually pretty decent. Below is a high def video with day light out if you guys are curious to see.

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And I am an idiot. The resolution for the screens are actually 1200 lol Sorry.
I was thinking about my DVD double din upfront
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