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the passenger side

It would be very helpful to use left and right (always relative to the vehicle's most used motion direction = forward) which is universal across the world instead of driver/passenger, nearside/offside terms.
Just your nick is an indication that you are speaking about an RHD vehicle, so passenger side is left.

Quickly checking a parts portal: there is 2 for the diesel (660 and 675mm) while there's one for the 2.0 petrol (660mm). Could fit or couldn't ...

According to this UK site they are the same (660mm) for 2.0G and CRDI:

The difference is bigger on the right side where the e.g. 2.7V6 (auto) has a 2-section layout while the 2.0I4 (manual) uses just one long shaft from gearbox to wheel.
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