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i know this is kinda late, but yes, I to had an issue with my seat in my sonata.

take a string and measure from points all across the seat. the back support was about 9mm further back on the left side compared to the right. so it gives you a sense of it not holding you. once i was able to prove that my body position was off about 5-8 degrees to the left instead of straight on towards the steering wheel they took care of me.

the replacement seat i got is perfect and no complaints.

if it helps i have a 2001 limited silver/black leather. the seat i got out of the other car was a black on black.

now, i still have an issue with the pass seat bottom. I have over 60+ hours in the driver seat without 1 wrinkle. and maybe 10 hours in the pass front seat and the leather is getting bunched up like the padding underneath is to thin or something.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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