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Hey all,

It's a terrible video - first one I've ever done. But I found no help on the Internet for this job and it's unusually complicated, so I did the best I could. :)

I had to replace the driver door lock actuator. First car I've worked on that has a solid (aluminum?) panel covering the inside of the door. So once you get the interior panel off, you still can't access anything inside the door without removing another panel. And the actuator is connected as one piece to the door panel and the door latch and the exterior door handle! Yeah, complicated...

Anyway, here's the link to the Youtube video and the general process for this job. Not crazy hard once you know what to look for, but it was crazy trying to unwind it all and get it out! Hope it helps! Feel free to email/message me if you have questions.


2011 Veracruz Limited
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