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The owners' manual is referring to the alternator belt there, not the engine timing.
The alternator belt (also called serpentine belt, accessory belt, or V belt, or S belt) is to be inspected at 60K miles. you can see it on the passenger side of the engine - it's the belt looped around various pulleys. Probably should not need outright replacement yet. Signs of wear would include chunks missing from the ridged side of the belt, fraying exposed fibers from inside the belt structure. If wear like that is seen, replace the belt. Some visible cracking of the ridges is ok, but not cracks at the sides of the belt. Also the belt has a range of tension that is acceptable. Before the belt is in obvious need of replacement it will likely loosen up and fall out of the acceptable tension range, which can cause undervolt conditions and decline of the battery strength. At the dealership they should have a sonic tension gauge that can assess the belt's looseness simply by listening to it after the technician give the belt a thwack. No kidding. These handheld computerized gizmos cost like 1,500 dollars. I used a vintage belt tension gauge I bought off ebay to check my belt when it began making more than normal level of noise after 60K miles. Sure enough the belt had gotten quite stretched out with age. I reset the tension on it, which is done by positioning of the alternator. (There is no self tensioning mechanism for the Accent) About 10k miles later I replaced the old belt with a new one, even though there were none of the obvious signs of needing replacement (chunks, fraying). Better safe than sorry. The new belt is very inexpensive and I probably will not need another for this car. The dealership may retension your belt or recommend replacement. if they only retension it, you will probably want to keep your eye on it for developing signs of wear. Should the belt break on you, the least bad thing that will happen is you get stranded somewhere.
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