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Door Handle Covers For Peeling Paint?

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My exterior door handles on my 2002 Sonata started peeling about 4 days after the warranty ended, of course. I had bigger fish to fry in life at the time, but they're pretty much down to the white plastic now and I'm tired of driving a ghetto car. I was planning on sanding and painting them soon, but came across these on eBay:

eBay pseudo-chrome door covers

I was wondering if anyone has used or seen these, if the dealers use them, or if you have any pearls of wisdom if I wind up painting them myself. The seller has awesome feedback and this seems like a MUCH easier way to go, and inexpensive, if time is money......

Thanks for any help on this!
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Wish I had an answer for you because my handles are bone white. It's kind of embarrassing for me and I hope for Hyundai. It's obviously a factory problem because the rest of the car is perfect. Certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth regarding future Hyundai purchases.
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