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Working on a letter to try to get corporate sponsorships but before that we need to come up with about $500 in legal expenses (filing fee at the IRS is $400 and the LegalZoom incorporation Kit is $100). By agreement with Shea's family (Shea is in a coma from a hit-and-run accident in 2011), we are splitting proceeds we raise in her name 90% (to them) and 10% to us, for expenses. Therefore we need to raise $5000 total just to get the incorporation and tax exemption from the IRS so that we can go after those big corporate donations. Kind of a catch-22 I got myself into but I am optimistic we can raise the $5k. That kind of grass-roots success will help our story as we go after the corporate money later.

We have never met Shea, by the way. Some of you already know that my wife had a devastating TBI in 2004, and has recovered miraculously (literally!) Well, I saw Shea's story mentioned in a TBI support group thread on facebook and was just crushed. Basically, she is still in a coma, and has been kicked out of the hospital so her family suddenly has all these new medical expenses and the emotional burden that can only be imagined. With my wife, she woke up right away, and even though we went through a kind of living **** for a while before we got her on the right medication, we have been extremely blessed and are therefore extremely grateful. So when I heard about Shea, I just felt compelled to act.

The paypal for fundraising (this avoids a 5% FundRazr fee if you paypal directly) is [email protected]. Mention Shea in the paypal notes. :)

The indirect way is to give by FundRazr, and the address for that is:
Jennas Miracle Drive Bringing Angels for Shea Shaw by Robert Shisler

Our FB page for the "Drive" is:

And Shea's FB page and website are:
Angels for Shea - Home

A few of you have actually contributed to our E-Trike fundraiser, and for that I could not be more grateful. If you cannot afford to help financially (believe me I understand) another way to help is to simply pass along this message/like and share our FB page for the drive. Thank you! <3


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