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I have a long but good story about my daughters 2012 Elantra Ltd. and TPMS. Hope the OP doesn't mind as i stray a little off topic but think there is some good info here that I would like to share.

So, December 2016 daughter is home at Christmas from Florida college. Cold spell in Atlanta and her TPMS light comes on one day. Doesn't go away after several days and warmer temps. I take the car to my local National Tire and Brake shop that i do business with on a regular basis for an evaluation. They scan the wheels and tell me which sensor is bad, gives me quote of ~$100 to replace and reprogram the sensor. I balk at the high cost and say I'll think about it...

I ended up calling the local Hyundai dealership and asked if this TPMS sensor is covered under the 5/60 warranty (we were not original owner of the car). They said yes if the sensor is indeed bad. Book appointment with them, take in the car, 1 hour later I leave with replaced new TPMS and no more warning light and $0 cost. Happy camper :)

Fast forward to December 2017, same deal, daughter home from Florida college for Christmas break. Cold spell in Atlanta and TPMS light goes on again. Take back to same tire shop and they do free scan and tell me which wheel is having the issue. It's a different wheel sensor this time. Car is now out of warranty on the 5/60 BtB so my freebie repair at the dealer is no longer an option. I send her back to Florida thinking the warmer weather would revive the weak battery and TPMS would start working. It did not, she drives car for 3 months with warning light on. Coming home in April for a week during spring break so I will get this repair done then.

I had decided to order OEM Hyundai sensors (3 of them to replace the originals that are now 6.5 years old). I find an online Hyundai dealer selling the 52933-3X200 for $85 with shipping for the 3. I buy them and have them waiting when she gets home. I take the sensors to my local tire dealer and ask them how much to just replace the 3 with customer supplied part (they wanted $100 each for non-Hyundai generic sensors a year earlier). They told me they couldn't do it because they didn't have the right scanner tool to reset the codes on the OEM sensors and I would probably have to go to the dealer to do this.

I have a new KIA dealership that just opened 15 mins from the house and I found out that the same sensor PN is used in the KIA cars also so they would obviously have the equipment needed. Now will they accept customer supplied parts and how much to install them? I call and talk with the service manager, he says "no problem" bring in my parts and they will install them as long as they are factory sealed Hyundai parts. I said, yes they are, how much will this cost? He says , hold on , let me look this up. He comes back and says he can replace the 3 sensors and reprogram them for $250.00... I was like WOW, are you kidding me?

I decide to stop by my other local National chain tire shop I also deal with as a regular customer and ask them about the TPMS sensor swap with customer supplied parts. Service manager says, no problem, we can do that for you. I ask, okay - good to know, now how much will that be? He says $29. I say, oh WOW - that is good to hear, that is per tire - right? He says, "no, for all 3" . We can replace the sensors w/o even having to fully remove the tire, just break the bead on valve stem side so no re-balancing / minimal labor. I make appointment for the next morning and get it done. $29 out the door and sensors have been working fine since April.

I am not really sure if they actually used a new scan tool to relearn the new sensors to the computer or they just drove the car for a few minutes and it reset on it's own. I only know that it was working fine when i picked it up. I tested the sensor by bleeding off air from one tire so it was ~10 psi lower than the other 3. I drove the car in the neighborhood and the warning light came on in about 3 minutes of driving. Went home, re-filled with air and light went out in a few minutes of driving.
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