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What does it take to totally abandon the FOB and move to strictly manual entry? Can I literally just stop using it; or might there be times security could activate anyway, having the car alarm sound when unlocking with key?

We have a twice-passed-down 2002 Elantra in the family. Still runs well but there's been an intermittent electrical problem with locks/windows for years that our dealer failed to solve after 4 attempts. So we gave up on that long ago.

One FOB worked (was lost today); the other "kind of works sometimes." (And I've replaced it; didn't help.) So you just hope it works when click to disable alarm/unlock.

I've replaced FOBs in the past. I know how to get the alarm to turn off by turning ignition on twice. But it would be much easier just not to bother.

How do I go completely FOB-less? Do I need to have security disabled somehow or can I literally just stop using the FOB?
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