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Just a quick update. The dealer replaced the timing belt, balance belt, tensioner, crank sensor and crank blade. As I suspected, the engine still bogs badly immediately upon acceleration, even when in park. Computer was flashed. Further diagnosis is continuing at the dealership at no charge to me. I imagine they'll say I need a new computer. This has truly been the Sonata from ****.
OMG this sounds insane! How much money has this dealer charged you for all this work?!?!?! They sound like they are milking every drop out of you. The car isn't even worth this much money. Have they done a compression test? It is absolutely, positively inexcusable that they have not been able to properly diagnose and repair this after all this time and money.

One thing that I had been consistently disappointed with with my Sonata has been the hit-and-miss nature of different dealers' service departments. I've had instances where I had work done by dealer X, only to be later told by dealer Y that the work was done improperly, or wasn't needed. My clutch had to be replaced three times because of this. Hyundai really needs to work on their dealer service quality. People go to a dealer for the proper fix, the first time, and that's why they get paid such a premium. Terrible what your dealer has done in your situation.

Has your Hyundai district service manager been called in for help at this point?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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