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I was wondering what others experience has been with their Dimension audio systems with the sub woofer.
Specifically I was wondering about what I perceive as the sub woofer hitting a certain resonance frequency. I hope I am using the correct terminology.

I listen to primarily rock music when listening to my own music off a USB drive. On certain songs, only just a few that I have heard, when the song hits a particularly low note and/or it is not only low frequency but that note is somewhat louder bass-wise than most songs, the note seems to really resonate in the car and fill my ears, overpowering the rest of the music until the note changes. I guess it is somewhat like when you hear cars going down the street with their rap music blasting and that really loud bass sound you can hear from 5 cars away. I feel with these songs I need to turn it down so much because of the resonating bass, that I can't hear the song very well.

I like to keep the bass turned up some, maybe +5 or so, so the rest of my music has a good bass sound. Other than those few songs, the bass is not overpowering at all.

Has anyone else experienced this in their Sonata? Does anyone know if there are potential solutions to this? Maybe it is simply a characteristic of the combination of the car interior, trunk, and the audio system/sub woofer, and there is nothing that could be done about it? Would trying to mount some kind of box or enclosure behind and around the sub maybe help or would that kill all the bass?

thank you!
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