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Hi all,

Was hoping someone might be able to give me a few ideas on this i could check out if possible.

I have a 96 1.5 sohc excel, driven about 200km everyday never misses a beat. The other day some electrical smoke came from under the dash and the car cut out, lost all power to the ecu, something shorted out im assuming.

I looked around and noticed it had blown two ecu fuses. 1 in the car, 1 under the bonnet. Replaced them, car started straight back up and drove perfect.

Drove home, maybe 15mins, parked the car. The next morning it was completly dead, no power. Battery was completly flat. Checked all the fuses no lights etc were left on. Anyway, charged the battery, charged fine, alternator is working fine. Within 3hours of being parked the battery was completly flat.

At this point i disconnected everything in the car, no stereo, aircon, clock, lights etc. Looked all in unbder the dash, couldnt see anything obvious shorted out. Replaced with a new battery and it started up perfect.

Less then 12hours later, again, within nothing on, or car being driven the battery is completly dead.

I'm just a bit curious as to what could be draining the battery so much it wont even light up a dash light.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Thank you
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