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So my local auto parts dealer has 3x transmission filter kits in stock. 1 is a 19 bolt, and 2 are 13 bolts. One says F4A32-1 only, and one says everything except F4A32, and the 19 bolt doesn't have a description.

What transmission that can go on the accent has 19 bolts? And how do I tell which transmission I have? Will an A4AF1 kit fit on an A4AF2?

This site lists some of hyundai's transmissions, but I can't find much about them individually.

The A4AF1/2 and A4BF1 do have different gaskets for the transmission oil pan, source:

I noticed may kits online were universal for all 1999 hyundais - So I bought the F4A32 kit, and low and behold: It came with 2 different gaskets, but only 1 filter. It worked perfectly!
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