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Has anyone had any diesel santa fe starting problems. I have a 2002 2.0td santa fe and has been hard to start over the last year. It has been with the main dealer several times and they have replaced everything from erg valve to the turbo to one of the injectors. I got it checked by some one else and they found it to be faulty glow plugs and i asked the main dealer to replace and he did but told me that the plugs were ok and it was a bad diesel problem. 3 months later of slow and smokey starts i checked the problem out myself and found problem to be a blown 80amp glow plug fuse that was being blown by a faulty glow plug.
The engine started within 2 seconds this was the first time in one year that it did this.
I am not impressed with the main dealers trouble shooting skils.
Has any one else had any problems like this or is anyone aware of any recalls that would cause this problem.
PS this is a great jeep and it had only this one single problem.
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