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I'm new here, just bought a 2007 Terracan, and it has the common problem of a tear in the vacuum actuator diaphragm. I'm looking for people out there that have played with these, that are interested in solutions for repair.

I took measurements of the diaphragm, but cannot find a source to buy them. Anyone have any ideas?

I remember reading in one of the many posts of someone who said they knew someone that could repair it, but dunno if it turned out successful.

Is the diaphragm assembly pressed together or are there threads for that top collar? It sort of looks like it was pressed on, but there is a pattern of very shallow marks that could be threads. It might have been pressed while rotating, I guess.

I'm also looking into mounting a vacuum switch to activate a solonoid that would push the shaft in, (letting the spring pull it back out) but just starting the parts search. One possible problem with this idea, is that if the solonoid fires when the splines aren't aligned, it may peen them.

The price of this small vacuum actuator is so high that it justifies a bit of research to replace it with something a bit more reliable.

One more thing I'm trying to find out - tough, I think - There are two Actuators listed for the EST Terracan - 51010H1000 and 51010H1001. Anyone know the difference?

Any and all comments welcome, and thank you....

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