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2022 Santa Fe PHEV Phantom Black Pearl
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It's come up a few times now in different areas. It does apply to a lot of vehicles, but seems to be Kia and Hyundai are being singled out in these articles. Perhaps because they are targeted for theft more? Does that mean they are more popular?

Should be noted, not so much of an issue on the Santa Fe, however vehicles with keyless entry are becoming more of a problem with 'relay theft' where a relay box bounces the key signal to the car, allowing it to be opened and started within around 30s.
Hyundai have, on the 21 and later models put in intelligence to 'shut down' your key if it's not moved for more than 5 mins (placed on a counter, or hung on a hook), but if you have an earlier model, or as an extra measure, look at getting 'faraday pouches' or a 'faraday box' to keep your key in when you aren't driving the car. They are pretty cheap. some people use a tin can or chuck the keys in a microwave, but it can stop your car disappearing at the drop of a hat.
If you do get one - test it! Make sure it works properly, and how you have to close it to enclose the entire key and not leave any signal to escape.
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