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Hi everyone,
Thank you for all the great information we can find on here, I've read a million things that will help in the care of my new car...

Like many of you here, I am really excited about adding parts to my car (a white GLS with nav), but am also cautious about keeping the great Hyundai warranty intact.

So, here's one of the body parts I am interested in, a rear diffuser a little like this one:;cate=012101000

that I would like to use along with this dual exhaust pipe...

Now, I am wondering if the dealership could deny the very important 10 year powertrain warranty if I was changing the exhaust to this and if a problem occurred on the engine in the future.

Ayces, your car looks amazing, and I know you're one who made the switch to a dual exhaust on a GLS, so if you read this, what do you think?

Thanks everyone for sharing the wealth of knowledge...
I don't see how the diffuser would void any warranty it's not a mechanical part so it can't cause any mechanical problems.

The exhaust however depends, as long as it's bolt on, you could always bolt it off and bolt on your stock exhaust if you had any problems with your emission system.

My post is purely based on logic, as long as you don't get caught they can't deny you! Just like my iphone, it's jailbroken but if I ever needed warranty work all I have to do is restore it to default, what they don't know won't hurt em! Of course if a dealer doing your warranty work was to happen to come across this thread it would be fraud! lol no chance of that happening though because they don't have the brains to go that in depth!!
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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