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I drive a 2003 Hyundai Sonata with 117,000 miles on it.
2 yrs ago we installed a hydrogen fuel efficiency unit in the car. However, it kept on blowing the safety fuse, so it has been disconnected shortly after (2 months) and never used since.
However, when installed, we had to bypass the O2 sensor so as not to get a false read and ever since I suspect that the O2 sensors are not happy.
The car recently got a tune-up and a new head gasket: it is overall well-maintained. I live in Baja, Mexico now, and the roads are rough and very dusty here. Recently the engine light kept coming on and stays on. My mechanic keeps clearing it or washing the entire area under the hood from all the dust.
The car runs fine and there is no foul smelling exhaust. Still, I decided to go to another technician (at a local dealership) to diagnose it and he found that the cat converter needs replacing.
Here, in Mexico, the quality of gasoline is really poor, so I use Premium only and always add a high-end fuel injection cleaner - just a little with each tank load. Should I really start shopping for a cat converter, or just replace the O2 sensors? One was replaced 2 years ago ( the upstream one).... Any suggestions - I would be really grateful. :liebe011:
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