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Data Trouble Code Retrieval for Alpha Engines</span>

With the increasing rate of people wanting to know the process of carrying out their own "code checking" precoedures, I have developed an article which will tell you step by step, what to do when trying to eliminate problems, using the on board diagnostic system.

Data Link connectors:

Accent 95-99 - above the right most switch panel
Accent 00-Current - below the lower dash shroud
Getz - below the lower dash shroud

Data Link connector configuration:

<img src=\'\' border=\'0\' alt=\'user posted image\' />

Data Trouble Code Retrieval (using M alfunction I ndicator L amp):

1. Ignition switch on (do not start)
2. Ground the L-wire (bridge No. 15 pin and No. 4 pin) in the Data Link Connector for 2.5-7 seconds.
3. If there is no fault, code "4444" will be indicated.
4. Each code is repeated infinitely until the next step is ordered.
5. To order the next code to apper, you are required to ground the L-wire again for 2.5-7seconds, after that the next code follows.
The last output consists of the code for end of "code output" which is "3333". After grounding the L-wire again for 2.5-7 seconds, the diagnostic mode is left.

Remember: There will always be four digits in each code output.

Code List is as follows:

MIL_________________Check Items

1122________________ ECM or Harness
1234________________ MFI control relay or harness
3128________________ O2 Sensor
5111________________ MAP sensor
5112________________ Air temp sensor
3153________________ Throttle position sensor
3144________________ Idle speed actuator
3145________________ Engine Temperature Sensor
3147________________ Camshaft position sensor
3159________________ Vehicle speed sensor
1169________________ Ignition system, cylinder 1&4 A output
3135________________ Evap. purge control solenoid valve
3138________________ Air/Con relay
1169________________ Ignition system, cylinder 2&3 B output
4151________________ Air/Fuel correction
3112________________ Injector No.1
3116________________ Injector No.2
3235________________ Injector No.3
3234________________ Injector No.4

2222________________ Start of output
3333________________ End of output
4444________________ No fault

1.5L (SOHC/DOHC) TYPE 2 & 3

MIL__________ Comment____________________Component

1234____________ECM RAM malfunction_____________ ECM
1233____________ECM ROM malfunction_____________ ECM
3145____________ECT sensor circuit malfunction______ ECT Sensor
3146____________IAT sensor circuit malfunction______ IAT Sensor
3153____________TPS sensor circuit malfunction______ TPS Sensor
3112____________Injector #1 circuit malfunction______ Injector #1
3234____________Injector #2 circuit malfunction______ Injector #2
3116____________Injector #3 circuit malfunction______ Injector #3
3235____________Injector #4 circuit malfunction______ Injector #4
3117____________MAF sensor circuit malfunction______ MAF sensor
5111(TYPE3 ONLY) MAP sensor circuit malfunction______ MAP sensor
3114____________Idle control valve opening coil______ ISC actuator
_________________circuit malfunction
3122____________Idle control valve closing coil_______ ISC actuator
________________circuit malfunction
3128____________Oxygen sensor circuit malfunction___ Heated O2 sensor
4151___________________________________________Air/Fuel ratio
4153____________Air/Fuel leaking or injector clogging__Air/Fuel ratio
4154___________________________________________Air/Fuel ratio
3135____________EVAP canister purge solenoid valve__EVAP Can. purge sol.
________________circuit malfunction____________solenoid
3211____________Knock sensor circuit malfunction____ Knock sensor
3232____________CKP sensor circuit malfunction______Crankshaft pos. sensor
3222____________CMP sensor circuit malfunction______Camshaft pos. sensor
3159____________VSS circuit malfunction____________Vehicle speed sensor
3137____________Battery voltage incorrect___________Battery
4133____________Fuel pump relay malfunction________Fuel pump relay
3149____________A/C compressor switch or relay_____Air Conditioner
3221____________A/C fan malfunction_______________Air Conditioner
3133____________A/C Cooling fan malfuction_________Air Conditioner

Type 1__1.3L SOHC
Type 2__1.5L SOHC
Type 3__1.5L DOHC

Remember: These are only guidelines to aid you in your diagnosis. They will not provide a definite answer as to what component you should replace, but moreso, identify in which area you are experiencing problems.
I will personally hold no responsibility for any failures that may occur to user carelessness!

<span style=\'color:red\'>Actuation Test

There is also an actuation test which can be carried out in order for you to determine whether your actuators are operating correctly.

Actuator Control Sequence Procedure

1. The L-wire (No. 15 pin) in the data link connector has to be grounded before turning the ignition key on (DO NOT START).
2. Turn the ignition key on (DO NOT START) and then disconnect the grounded wire from pin No. 15, then the actuator activation sequence will begin, starting from the fuel pump relay.

NOTE: Each actuator will be stopped after activating 6 times

3. Once the actuator has activated 6 times, you will then be required to ground the No. 15 pin again to follow on to the next actuator in the sequence, which will be listed below:
Test Item__________________Fault Code
1. Evap can. purge valve solenoid_______________1322
2. ISC vAlve solenoid_________________________1321
3. No. 2 injector _____________________________1315
4. No. 3 injector _____________________________1314
5. No. 4 injector _____________________________1313
6. No. 1 injector _____________________________1312

4. If the actuator responds normally, code "4444" (No Fault Code) will be indicated by the MIL.
If there is any faults, the relevant trouble code will be displayed via the MIL.

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I tried this procedure on my '98 and got no response from the CEL. :(
Car is a "L'' model, Canada, 1.5L SOHC, manual trans.

So, either the procedure isn't valid, or my car doesn't have this feature, maybe because it's manual transmission.

I guess I need a code reader after all. :|

I hope my ECU DLC interface isn't fried - Mr. Hundi.

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Hi,i have a british 2000 accent 1.3 12v which has got the OBD11 16 pin socket,could you tell me if this procedure works on mine thanks.

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Hi guys,
We have a 2000 Hyundai Accent (UK model) and I have found the data link connector below the lower dash shroud.

I tried the above method but there doesn't appear to actually be a connection in pin no. 15 (no. 4 is there)

Is this because it's a manual as someone posted above?

Any ideas what else I might try?

I also foolishly grounded pin 16 (marked B* above) - and it gave off a tiny little spark. There's no chance I've shorted anything is there? :?


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I think the only OBDII reader which will `plug & play` directly into the data port is Hyundai`s own Hi-Scan Pro device.
This is also used by techs at the Dealerships to upload software revision packages issued by Hyundai.

Despite the fact that Hyundai electronic engine management consists of commercially available Bosch/Siemans components, the programming is via Hyundai`s own coding........& no-one has managed to re-write tuning modifications directly (as can be done with VAG Group cars).
The nearest tuners have got so far, is to mount an additional EPROM into the ECU & program that!.

If your car is running normally, I doubt that your accidental short has done any damage.


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so how do i no what code is being displayed?
will the mil flash will it
ie code 1234: one flash, solid, 2 flashes, solid, 3 flashes, solid, 4 flashes?
is that what will happen?

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First of all, this is an excellent guide for retrieving the diagnostic information.

I've located some problems and fixed them using this guide. There are however one thing that is bugging me about my ECU/ECM's diagnostics.

When I'm testing the actuators I get error codes for all of them. If this were correct then it would mean that none of my injectors and so forth is functional. But this doesn't seem to be the case since I'm still able to start my car.

I assume that when the ECU is entering the actuator diagnostic unit, one should actually hear the injectors operating if the ECU/ECM is testing them, isn't this the case?

When doing the normal diagnostic routine, there are no error codes given that my ECU/ECM is faulty.

Any ideas why this scenario is happening?

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I'm probably being really stupid asking this, not for the first time, but I'll ask anyway. The codes you all speak of, (1234, 4444, etc.), is there a special device which I need to buy to read them, or are they indicated by a light flashing somewhere? :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:

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Originally posted by 96 Accent Auto@Dec 15 2007, 05:02 PM
I'm probably being really stupid asking this, not for the first time, but I'll ask anyway. The codes you all speak of, (1234, 4444, etc.), is there a special device which I need to buy to read them, or are they indicated by a light flashing somewhere?  :whistling:  :whistling:  :whistling:

The code is indicated by the engine check light flashing. I believe it will flash for example 5 times for "5" followed by a pause before the next digit ;)

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hi there.
every now and then the 'check engine' light comes on on my 1995 1.3i accent. i have followed the instructions and brought up the flashing MIL to get the fault code. the problem is if i am reading the flashes correctly it doesn’t correspond to any of the fault codes i have (those on autodata and this site). i am getting 1 long flash followed by 4 groups of 2 short flashes. there are only 3 codes that start with '1' but the rest of the flashes dont follow for the rest of the code. am i reading this correctly? another point is, do i need to bridge the data link connector each time to get each part of the fault code, so i could read the flashing i get as '18' which then doesn't correspond with any fault code! thank you.

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Hi. I have a 2001 Accent 1.3 UK model. The engine check light has been on and off for the last two years, now it's just on! I was going to buy a ODB2 reader to diagnose the problem and clear the check light, but from what VALKYRIE YB70 says, it sounds like an off-the-shelf ODB2 reader will not work. Is this the case?

Also, can anyone tell me exactly where the DLC is on a Right-Hand Drive 2001 Accent?

Thanks very much.
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