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Hi everybody.
I´ve checked on forums <Matrix/La_vita> and <interior and exteriors>, and I´ve found no information on this subject, so I suppose it´s a new question :eek:

We own a 2009 Matrix CRD diesel, and the left -side air vent grid-opener (the small black wheel) got broken.
I suppose plastic has gone fragile ´cause of suffering direct sunlight when parked /driven for years ... this is the sunny Spain :)

I can purchase a new air vent grid, that includes the black regulating wheel, but I´ve no idea on how to remove the dashboard for reaching the philips screws which hold the grid.
I´ve only found how-remove-matrix-s-instrument-cluster.html, but nothing about the whole dashboard, including airbags and steering wheel.

BTW : The manuals shown in 79652-complete-workshop-repair-manual.html on rapidshare always shows "not found" ( my account on rapidshare seems to be ok) ¿any idea?

Thanks in advance
(note : Steering wheel on left side) :mellow:


1 - 3 of 3 Posts