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Has anyone else had to replace the battery in their smart key?

I just took delivery of a CPO 2016 HSH in mid May, Car had 14.5k miles on it. Dealer added a 2nd FOB as part of the CPO process as the original car at trade in came with only 1 key as the orig owner must have lost one.

Anyways, after driving home with the car, the next day when I drove it I also had the dashboard message light telling me that the remote battery needed replacement. It was the older / original FOB - not the new one. So I guess 2 years is typical for the lifespan on these.

I also buy these 5-10 at a time from Amazon Prime as these batteries are used in a lot of my electronics besides the FOB's. I always get them 2nd day delivery. But of course this depends on your location and who you buy them from during the Amazon checkout.
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