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Dash Bulbs

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hi all

just joined the forum , this is our very first hyundai car so far so good ver happy with it , bought for the wife to drive , the matrix 1.5 diesel seems ideal for our needs , got loads of questions and a list of jobs i am looking to do on it over the next few months, one thing im looking at first i need to change a couple of dash bulbs mainly the ones behind the steering wheel , the door open warning light and the boot ones not working , any tips please for accessing these bulbs to change them looking at it today no idea at the moment where to start

thanks in advance
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Hi Philll and :00000732: to the forums :thumbsup:
Hi Phil,

Did you get this sorted??

If not let me know & I'll post some instuctions for you.


sorry havent replied sooner , yes sorted now thanks, worked it out ok pretty straight forward in the end, change a couple of bulbs all ok now

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