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I apologize in advance for the long post my friends.

Not too long ago, I brought my SF in for diagnosis of the transmission. It wasn't slipping but shifted weird. They acknowledged the problem and replaced it with a remanufactured trans. It's been shifting good since. However, alongside that problem was another one that - at the time - I assumed was transmission-related but apparently was not.

When the vehicle is in normal operating temps (warmed up), the slightest acceleration results in thunking sensation felt on the floor pan - often felt on the seats and steering wheel too. Whenever I take off at a turn, I hear and feel a cyclic vibration. Much like the thunk I mentioned but louder. It's even more pronounced uphill. Took it back and they said they didn't hear/feel anything. No surprise there. But they only took it out for a quick run and probably didn't drive it long / far enough for things to warm up. It never happens when cold - only when things warm up. I understand that a dealership cannot devote much time and manpower to diagnosing something that happens after more time than they're willing to allocate but it's a twofold problem. I know there's an issue but there's no way I can prove it (video may not pick up the sound) nor is the dealer able to provide enough time for it.

I suspect it might be the rear coupling as the symptoms sound/feel towards the rear but I'm not 100% sure. No leaks anywhere either.

I still have time left before the 10-year / 100K runs out but I would really like to have it fixed under warranty if/when possible. Any ideas are most certainly welcome.
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