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Hello Hyundai Owners!

We are looking for new CUSTOM ENGRAVING designs to produce for MGP Caliper Covers. So, you guys tell us which designs you'd like to see produced next and we'll do the rest! Learn more about MGP Caliper Covers:

Korean Auto Imports - Search Results for "mgp"

We have been a WD for MGP since their inception and can offer deeper
discounts than ANY other MGP distributor. MGP list price for Custom
Engraved sets STARTS at $358 shipped. When we produce custom designs in
BULK we can pass the savings on to you.

Just to clarify, we're not asking for a commitment or group buy. We would
simply like to supply new, custom engraved designs for our customers at
35% off the MPG list price... so your logo/design feedback is valuable to

As always, we can be reached by phone toll free 1-866-767-3686, via live
chat through our website 8am-5pm mountain time or 24/7 via facebook:

All the best!



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