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If you are really interested in cooling the engine bay, have you thought about messing with the underbody airflow. The materials are cheap, and you could surprise yourself with the result.

I played around with this unsuccessfully on my last car, and NX2000, for anyone familiar, they suffer from pretty severe cooling issues, due to a very restrictive front bumper.

but the principle is to have air enter the engine bay from the front, and flow through the engine bay then either out the back side of the hood (ie reverse cowl, or raised hood on washers) and up over the wind shield, or down under car to meet with the underbody airflow as far back as reasonably possible. I played around with coroplast, abs, and other random types of plastic.

One tip that usually works on most cars, is to use an aluminum sheet to cover the top of the space between the top of the front bumper and the radiator/crash support. The trick is to get the air pressure lower (ie faster moving air) at the back of the engine bay than at the front, so that fresh air is always flowing. This will improve your radiator's efficiency and help lower your intake temps.

There is a handheld meter that you can use to measure the air pressure differences while testing, but I always forget what it is called.
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