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hi every one
i have elantra 2012 1.6 GDI AT
i bout it without cruise or any battens on the wheel driver .. so i search around
i replaced the horn sim of the multi-switch behind the wheel , and i install the cruise control switch at the wheel driver

the good thing is ,, its working sooooo fine
the bad thing is ,, its works but no light on the dash ( "cruise" or "set" light )

its been a long time since i installed in fries time

i found in the service manual and i check the pins on the dash port , and the horns and its fine and complete as it should be
those who have the same car and model when they install the cruise control everything was fine and the light indicator works too
the ECU know and respond complatelly but i dont know why the light dont appears in the dash

any comment would be great if faced this or heard about it any where

thanks ,,
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