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I've had an issue with my 2008 CRDI Getz since I bought it. It's been to 3 dealers (under warranty) and they've replaced an injector, checked the MAF, Turbo, EGR (they cleaned it as well), ECU and have still not been able to get rid of the following issue:

Under snap throttle (i.e. suddenm full throttle) below around 2300 rpm, the turbo spools up, the car accelerates but there is a 'hiccup' at around 2000rpm and then the car accelerates as normal. If I'm feathering the throttle and then give it full throttle, everything is fine. It doesn't smoke, gets good MPG and is runs smoothly.

I'm out of ideas and so are the dealers...had anybody got any advice about what to try next?

It might be normal but I don't think it is!
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