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I'm really hacked off with this fault on my Trajet, I am now having to replace the 3rd ABS speed ring on my car (nsf) when this component is a basic non-stressed item which should never need replacement during the life of the vehicle.
The first one (NSF) cracked in 2006 and I was informed that the whole drive shaft would need replacing as it was an integrel part at a cost of £400+. Number 2 (OSF) cracked in 2008 but that at least by now was a separate item costing £11 but with fitting £150+. Now number 3 has cracked (NSF again!) and is due to cost another £120+ to replace. DOH!!!
Approximately £670 to replace parts that should never fail!!! There are a number of reasons why these could fail: 1 incorrect hardness and temper making them too brittle, 2 incorrect tolerancing of the bore which exacerbates no 1 and increases failure rate. 3 lack of corrosion protection which allows the bore to corrode, effectively increasing the diameter of the shaft and thus cracking the speed ring. (this last is the reason I was given for my second)
All the above are manufacturing issues and entirely forseeable. Hyundai have fobbed me off with the fact that my vehicle is out of warranty and so will not fund my repairs or compensate me for past spend on this issue.
I intend to recover my latest cracked speed ring and investigate the reason for it's failure. If you have suffered this problem please consider helping me to press Hyundai for compensation.
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