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Hey all, I'm trying to prepare for a Front Brake job on the GF's '08 Accent in the future. Familiar enough with how to do it but having some brake trouble on another vehicle decided to research possible causes. Found that sometimes the manufacturers (e.g. Toyota/Honda etc.) are very specific about the exact grease or lubricant used on the brake caliper pins/slides.

I've always used the Permatex stuff from Advance or Autozone in the little packets. But wondering if Hyundai was really specific; I looked up on the HMAservice site and it said:

"AI -11(P) grease"

Except I can not find any reference online as to what this refers to! Heard good things about Sil-Glyde (Tho that's apparently mostly Polypropylene-Glycol & Castor Oil) and 'Eric the Car Guy' recommends the rather expensive 8oz jar of 3M Silicone Paste (~$20). Anyone have any particular experience or recommendations? Good or bad?
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