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The story started a month ago . I went toa first class air condition service
shop to check on my air condition . The trajet with dual air condition
requires 750 grams of gas, and 150 cc of oil . I paid 60 usd and not much
improvement noticed . to remedy the situation I cleaned the radiator
with water hose . noticed the radiator fan not operating . I bought a used
fan motor for 15 usd . Coolant liquid was leaking in a very small amount
from the coolant reservoir tank . The engine was feeling hot for sometime.
what was weird is the fact that the radiator fan operates for a long time
to cool the liquid while the return hose from the bottom of the radiator
was cold indicating no circulation is taking place and hence a probable
faulty Thermostat . boiling the thermostat in a pot indicate its opening
at a high temperature . Specs for Trajet is 82c . I bought a Korean type
for 11 usd . Installment was dead easy . Drain the coolant ,put a plastic
bag under the thermostat hosing unscrew the 3 10 mm bolts .this
to avoid flooding the transmission elec. sensors .
Cooling system now is perfect . My advice now is check on your
system because it is hard to notice an over heating especially when
the temperature indicator never reached one half of the scale .
It seems the size of the radiator and the design of the circulation
covers up a damaged fan motor and an ageing thermostat . To
know if something is wrong with your cooling system ,idle
the engine ,feel the return radiator hose it should be hot when
thermostat opens at 82c , before the fan operate ,because it
is computer controlled and set to operate at a higher than 82c.
When fan operates it should not operate for more than 60 second ,
this time is enough for the large area of the radiator to cool the
coolant liquid and stop the fan .

Sorry for the lengthy post , hope it is useful .


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Found this very helpful, thanks. Have you any idea of approximately how long you should idle the car to reach 82c?
The time depends upon the weather condition and the ambient temp. To save on gas do this after a trip you made and the temp cage will be almost half the scale , ideal the car a few minutes more and feel that hose at the bottom , if temp of the one at the top almost equals that at the bottom and fan is not in operation your thermostat is fine . now wait for that fan to operate , the bottom hose will be cooler and the temp sensor will stop the fan when the minimum running temp is reached . be careful the cooling fan starts suddenly .

regards .
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