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Hi All,

I am Vivek. I am a new driver (First post). I bought a pre owned 5 year old i20 2013 Asta CRDi model in India. I love the car and would like to keep it close to stock (for body parts) and would like to improvise (when it comes to performance). I would love to have inputs from the Pro / Experienced drivers and the tech community.

Since mine is a pre owned car, I have some parts to fix and I would like to do them myself. I am having a hard time finding the exact part since HASS aren't of much help.

My ambient temperature sensor is not working and no temperature is shown in the internal display.
The Climate Control shows the error code 13 (Ambient Temperature sensor).

Can anybody suggest me the part number for the same so that I can procure from HASS?

Thanks in Advance.
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