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Just came across this video review of the 2011 Sonata from Consumer Reports and I can tell you that they were very impressed by the Sonata. So impressed were they that I think I should mention the highlights of the video:

Video here: Consumer Reports - 2011 Hyundai Sonata Video Review

Here is what they list as their Hits for "Best midsize sedan in its class" - Consumer Reports
Sleek low slung and not BORING! (their words not MINE!)

-Fit and Finish
Top Notch with excellent fit and finish

Very roomy space for both driver and passenger. They noted lots of available storage space. Many comments on roominess for both head and leg room.
Gauges and Controls were lauded for their easy of use and readability

Tilt/telescoping, and comfortable driving positions.

Very supportive and comfortable. Pwr seat has good range and travel.

Liked the power of the 4 cylinder.

-Ride & Handling
Car drove more agile and steering more responsive. Car felt more "alert to drive" Suspension is far superior and more composed compared to previous generation Sonata. Body lean almost non-existent.

Overall considered good.

Interior (road) noise levels were not objectionable

-Engine & Transmission
Overall smooth and impressive. Praised for the six-speed auto smooth shifting tranny.


-Fuel Economy
They achieved an overall 27 MPG in their test loop. But remarked that 30+can be achieved in the Sonata and it offered better FE than cars smaller than its size.

Misses were not many but here goes:
-Optonal Hyundai IPOD Cable - they thought this was a bit of a hassle-although not major
-Console can intrude on drivers right leg a bit
-Lower front seats could be slightly longer
-Rear entry a little lower, a slight loss in rear headroom
-Trunk could crush soft packages if stored under hinges
-Engine can get a bit raspy at times

Follow the jump to the video review:
Consumer Reports - 2011 Hyundai Sonata Video Review

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QUOTE (Cerberus451 @ Jun 24 2010, 09:04 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=335784
:thumbsup: That was a good video. But we all already knew it was a great car. :grin:

Did everyone check out the grill? Is it me or does that look to be body matched in color with a chrome surround. If so, I want one!
body painted grill with chrome surround is standard on base model...why do you want to downgrade?

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QUOTE (NT2SHBBY @ Jun 24 2010, 08:10 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=335788
body painted grill with chrome surround is standard on base model...why do you want to downgrade?
Hmm, didn't know it was standard on the base model. When I got my SE, I just don't remember seeing any with body painted grill. I guess they didn't have any base models when I was there. Thanks for the info though!
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