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No car I can remember has ever had the 12V outlets (cigarette lighter included) 'hot' without ignition on. And the reason si quite simple: they're good for 15 AMPS, which can discharge a battery in a heartbeat. A similar analogy is if your car is governed to 155 mph, it has to have tires rated that high, even if they never see much above 80 mph. Manufacturers take the safest side possible.

Ive owned 3 GM vehicles, including my current Pontiac Trans Am that has the accessory port hot when the car is off. I, too, have used this to charge a cell phone and never had a problem.

Im sure that its possible that you've personally never owned a car like this, but to make a blanket statement that no company would do this is misleading and false.
1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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