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I've stumbled upon this site looking up information on my Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 Sport AWD which I've had several problems with from the time I drove it off the lot when I purchased it. I'm wondering if other people on this site could share with me any problems they've had with theirs in regards to electrical, water leaks, engine etc. The cherry on the cake for me recently was my engine stalling on a major highway (AFTER I took it in when the recall came out in October 2017 and nothing was flagged). The very next day 1 day on my way to the dealership to have it looked at it stalled again in the middle of traffic. Once it was looked at, sure enough the engine had seized.

I'm currently gathering all my recalls records, Service Invoice Notices and I've been talking with Hyundai Canada trying to raise awareness that my vehicle is unsafe to drive and I'm wondering how many other vehicles out there have had as many problems as I have. I don't feel at all comfortable or confident driving it. I have a family and I'm responsible for exchange students as well. This vehicle has had serious and endless things wrong with it.

It makes me sad that human safety does NOT seem to be a concern to Hyundai Canada, until someone is either killed or seriously injured.

I'm looking for other people to share with me their challenges they've had with their 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. Clearly mine is a "LEMON", however the Service Manager at Langley Hyundai has corrected me and has informed me that the term "LEMON" is a U.S. term and in Canada it's called "DEFECTIVE" which has has agreed mine is.

Warm Regards,
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