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I get the impression from some posts from well respected, knowledgeable people on this forum that the 3.5L engine is inferior to the earlier 3.3L.
3.5 not been a "problem" engine,, though has a few quirks over the 3.3

However, I have not been able to find any confirmation, or even any posts by searching 3.5L engine problems.
3.5 -> CVVT on intake and exhaust,, 3.3 is only intake
3.5 oil filter concern, use only OE Hyundai

3.5 oil leak from aged oil pressure switch,, in valley under intake

3.5 intake runner performance,, lower intake strips teeth on shaft for flaps,, new lower intake time

3.5 CVVT knock at cold start, I do 4 CVVT, chains, tensioners,,, new intake CVVT requires new intake cam (x2)

I have a 2007 3.3L Limited AWD with 277,000km. (172,000mi.) and am hoping it will last another 5 years to 400,000km. (250,000mi.).
Keep up with clean fluids all time

I am really trying to avoid Santa Fe's 2013 and newer, because I don't want turbo and I am used to the power of the 3.3L and don't think the 2.4L will do the job to my satisfaction.

If I could feel comfortable with the 3.5L, I could move up 5 years and still avoid turbo and 2.4L.

So, could those of you who have experience with the 3.5L engine please let me know if my perception has any basis in fact?

Also, is the 3.5L a direct injection engine as opposed to the common rail in the 3.3L?
3.5 is std port fuel, same as 3.3

Thanks in advance.

3.5 does not seem to oil leak from front cover and cam cover like the 3.3,,
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