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Can doing clutch work make an Accent run rough? It feels like it's missing at least one cylinder.

Full story. The factory clutch on my 2003 Accent (2 dr, manual everything) gave out after 124000 miles. As it was out of warranty, I took it to a mechanic recommended by a coworker. The clutch he installed went after 10000 miles, then the replacement for that one went at 136000 miles. He replaced the clutch again, as well as the transmission throw bearing, and re-finished the flywheel. According to the mechanic, the throw bearing was allowing the drive shaft to shimmy, causing fast clutch wear. It shifts fine now, but it runs extremely rough and the check engine light comes on intermittently, which it wasn't doing before. I really don't want to take it back to him, as each fix has taken four or five tries before he gets it fixed, and this last time the car came back with arguably as many or more problems than it went in with. The thing I'm trying to figure out is how you make an engine misfire doing clutch work? Is there a sensor I don't know about?

If this is an easy fix (coil, plug wires) let me know. I used to work on motorcycles in college, and kept a friend's Suzuki Samurai running through grad school, but I'm not up on all this electronic stuff.

Thanks much!

EDIT- Good news everybody! I found a connector not plugged in, plugged it in and all is good with the world. There's an assembly on the top driver side of the engine that appears to house all the ignition wires. Coming off the driver side of this assembly is a five or six pin connector- it was unplugged. I plugged it in, made a sign of the cross, turned the key, and off I went. Thanks for the eyes, I've learned a lot just from browsing the forums.
In your position, I think it would be time to do 3 things, first, get a diagnostic code reader and see what the computer thinks is going on - I think there are some sensor issues, second, I'd find a new mechanic, and third, I would seriously consider taking the current mechanic to court.

The code readings should give you some clues about the poorly running engine.
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